Free Resources To Navigate Your Emotions During These Times Of Uncertainty and Reorient Yourself In This New Reality

This is a video series to help you navigate the emotional side of all this. I originally created it for my clients. But am now making it available more widely for others.  So if you know someone who might benefit from it, please feel free to share.  

Practical Note: The visualisations you can download are accessed through Dropbox.  Sometimes access on work laptops is blocked for Dropbox - you may need to use your phone or iPad if that happens.


1. Be Human And Lead

Those of you who are part of this community tend to be naturally drawn to service, positive impact and care for others. In these times we need you more than ever.  We need leaders from all walks of life who will lead with kindness and humanity and inspire others to do the same.    People will look for beacons of light who will bring hope.  Not artificial positivity - but real inspiration that comes from really being there with people in their hour of need.  Find out more about leading with purpose and humanity below.

In the video below I talk more about this.  Here are also links to a blog and an article I wrote on this:

2. Navigate The Emotions of Change

This is a massive change which will impact us all in different ways.  What is for sure is that it will bring up a cocktail of emotions.  Know that it is normal.  At the same time it is important to navigate through these emotions consciously so they don't leak out.  

Watch the videos below to find out more on how to navigate the emotions of change.  The first video is on understanding the emotions we go through and how to navigate them.  And the second is specifically on dealing with anxiety.  

There is also a relaxation that helps you start to release the anxiety from your body.   If you want to download it - press the download button below the video.

And here are blog posts with tips:

Access The Relaxation Practice

3. Build In Positive Energy Habits

Change is draining.  This one is no exception. And because of its level of existential threat, it is particularly exhausting.  To sustain, means choosing to slow down and more consciously build our energy.  

In the Video, I share some Positive Energy Habits you can start to do right now.  

You can also:

  • Read about some ways to energise your work
  • Download a centering practice
  • Access a daily Positive Energy H.A.B.I.T.S. Worksheet

Here are some blogposts with tips to energise yourself and your work:

Access The Centering Practice

Download The Positive Energy H.A.B.I.T.S. Worksheet

4. Take Time For Retreat

 A lot of people are trying to push through this - to jump straight to the planning stage.  But before you can come up with a new plan, you need to stop.  Take some time to reconnect to yourself and to what really matters to you.  Come back to basics.

Taking some regular time for Retreat in your day or your week helps with that.  To help you, you can:

  • Read the blogposts with tips
  • Watch the videos below 
  • Listen to the Sanctuary Visualisation

Here are the links to blogposts with tips:

Access The Sanctuary Visualisation

5. Create Something New

Part of coming through this change will be realising that you can create something new out of all of this.  Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes.

Below are some free resources you can sign up to to help you explore what you want to create in your work.  There is a video series on Career Pivotal Moments - when you are successful, but feel that something is missing.  And a Masterclass on Creating Meaning At Work. 

Here are some Blogposts that can help:

Here Are Extra Resources You Can Download To Help You Reflect On Your Work

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Successful, but feel that something is missing? Pivotal Moments are not like any Career Crossroads.  Take the Quiz to find out if you are at one. 


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Find out what Pivotal Moments are really about, how to navigate them and how they can be a catalyst for purpose.  


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In this Free Mini-Workshop on Creating Meaning At Work, we explore 3 shifts you can make to experience more meaning right now.


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