Overcoming Apathy To Change

May 18, 2022
I have been hearing a lot of frustration from change agents as to the apathy to change they are encountering currently in the face of the climate emergency.  I get it.  And on the flip side it is kind of normal - as the changes we are being called to make are so huge.  So people's resistance will match that.  Here are a few tips that can help.
1. Stop trying to convince.  Instead inspire to new possibilities they want.  The first step is to connect what you are trying to inspire them to, to what they want for themselves.  What is not easy is that we tend to be angry and have judgement.  So we don't step into their shoes and dig deep enough to know where their existing inner levers are.
2. Don't do hit and run.  Instead hold space and guide transformation.  I see a lot of change makers throw new ideas at people and then get frustrated they don't get it.  The thing is that when you share the idea that is only the beginning. You have to then stick around to guide them through the inner change process they need to go through to orient in the new reality.
3. Don't react.  Instead respond to where they are at on the change curve.  At the moment I see a lot of people being in the denial stage of what it is going to take. Or just frozen and overwhelmed by it all - so it is easier to shut down.  Once you know where they are on the change curve you can meet it in the right way.
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