The 'Be The Change' Generation of Leaders

Mar 12, 2024

Whenever I spend time with the upcoming generation of leaders (late twenties and early thirties), I am awed and feel hopeful. 

They genuinely strive to Be The Change they want to see in the world in a way that I haven't seen any other generation be so far.  

The ones I have met are not interested in simple incremental innovation. They speak of disrupting the status quo, fundamentally challenging the way things are currently done and shaking up the existing order to its core. 

We can dismiss, ignore or suppress that energy which is what I see many managers and organisations try and do. Or we can rise to their call for a new adventure - of positive impact, unique expression and real evolution.

The key question then becomes how to channel that in a way that enables them to drive the meaningful transformation they want to see in the world within a business context. Specifically:

- How do we give them the playground, skills and empowerment to be the agents of systemic change they want to be? 
- How do we the older generations up-level ourselves and our ways of managing to partner with them - so that we can all harness our potential to create a better world together through our work?
- How can we channel their 'earthquake' energy to create new value that has both a positive impact, is deeply transformative and makes money?

Isn't it time we finally rise to that challenge? As whether we like it or not it is not going to go away. They are the cavalry we have been waiting for. 

So we can try to control and beat them down. If we do that, we will all loose out. Or we can be the empowering catalysts, facilitators and enablers of this new generation that mean a very different kind of business. And are determined to lead us to fundamentally better new horizons.

What are the great examples of this happening? And what can we do better?

Get in touch if you want to continue the conversation and explore how it relates to your team and your people.

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