The Rise Of The Purpose-Led Career

May 02, 2023
I was recently speaking to leaders about the impact of AI on their areas of work.  For some, it is the scary realisation that their whole sector may soon become obsolete.  For others it is about adapting and evolving their roles.  Whilst others see it as a tool they can use to help enhance the way they work.
Wherever you are on this, what is for sure is that we are at a turning point in terms of the work of the future.  Not just because of AI, but even more importantly how our work needs to evolve in line with the new economy that is emerging next. Just this week the WEF produced a report on the future of work where they expected that 44% of skills of an individual employee would need to be upgraded by 2027.
The Three New Dynamics
  1. New Value: Someone apparently asked ChatGPT, what are the careers you will not be able to replace in the future and why?  The common theme was that it was careers that involve creativity and care.  Because those were the two human qualities it thought a machine could never reproduce.  At the same time, we are being asked to look at how our careers need to evolve to meet the climate and sustainability challenge.  To shift and build to a new system based on genuine flourishing together - that serves people, planet and prosperity.  Which is also going to require huge care and creativity.
  2. New Foundations: Whether we like it or not, the new economy is now being built.  And it is integrating for profit and for impact which means a massive transition.  The shifts that we are called to make are huge.  What we are doing here is transforming the very foundations of how we do business.  And so what that means is that each person in the organisation needs to look at how they fit into that.  Everybody needs to be engaged. It needs to be everyone's problem.  With all of us rising together to the challenge.
  3. New Purpose: In parallel, we also have employees that are at pivotal moments themselves.  Seeing the state of the world and actively feeling increasingly out of synch with, unmotivated in and uninspired by business as usual.  More and more searching for fulfilment, meaning and positive impact in what they do.   Even considering leaving to have more of a positive impact elsewhere. A 2022 report by PWC showed that 75% of workers want to work for an organisation that contributes positively to society.
An Important Juncture
We are at a key turning point where we can integrate all three - but it will not happen on its own. 
There is a huge call here for us to think differently about our work and that of our people.  It is time we stopped teetering on that ledge - and instead fully committed to embracing early the changes that are coming our way.  And making the most of the opportunity.  Otherwise it will cost us.
Gone are the days when you could just think about the sustainability, CSR or Diversity departments over there on their own.  And the rest of us continuing to do business as usual.  That is simply not how system change works.
Purpose-Led Work
What we need to focus on now is to create work where we and our people are purpose-led within the context of the new economy. Where they are making a positive impact on society through their work. As well as integrating inner fulfilment, meaningful wealth and worthwhile momentum into what they do.
Referencing People Centrix for their research on these purpose figures.
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We truly believe that we can do this.  That, if enough of us commit to being purpose-led leaders and take care of our own garden patch, we can build a new world where we can all flourish together - where we deeply value people, planet and prosperity.

All it takes is for us to  remember who we are, do what we are here to do and make that difference only we can make. 

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