The Old Rules Of Leadership Are Causing The Current Chaos And I Say Enough

Aug 05, 2022

I have been watching recent events unfold. And as the dire predictions get louder in terms of recession, all I can think about is how unnecessary it all is. 

This is not a crisis of economics, it is the consequences of dismal leadership.

Basically, we have old style leaders who are creating all this because they are not willing to change. And are plunging us all into the abyss as a result of their groundhog day mentality.

Yes there is real drama being created for the average human being as a result. But we have to stop pretending that any of this is actually necessary. And that we don't have a choice.

The point is this...

These leaders are acting in these unprecedented times from an outdated playbook. 

We are going to all hit the wall - and let's face it maybe even economic and environmental collapse. Just because they are stuck in a loop and can't even see it. They are one trick ponies who lack basic imagination and foresight.

Last night I was scared. This morning I can see clearly that it is simply leaders' refusal to change that is creating this horror movie. So I am just appalled.

Let's go through this...

Outdated Leadership

Putin is still doing the 'let me conquer the world because then I am powerful and a great leader' BS. Sorry to break it to you but no.

Right now we have bigger fish to fry, like the extinction march we are on as humans. That is what we should be focusing on and pulling together to solve. Because news update, Russians will die and suffer too if we can't solve this.

So if any Russians are reading this then look at your kids and grandkids in the eyes. And really get that it is their future that is at stake. And that it has nothing to do with landmass.

We all have a common enemy and that is ourselves. And it is time that we faced it. So that we can start creating a better future - rather than being a stuck in an irrelevant time machine.

Outdated Business Models

Then let's take the energy companies who announced unprecedented record profits this quarter. And are now giving huge payouts to their shareholders.

They are literally raking it in whilst driving their customers into bankruptcy. I read this week that it is expected that in the Autumn 1 in 4 people in the UK will be plunged into poverty. That is 25% for god's sake! Let that sink in for a minute.

I get that they are applying the capitalist business as usual leadership. The 'don't look at me. I am not doing anything wrong. I am just here to increase my profits whatever the cost' model.

I have worked in business all my working life so I am not advocating communism. But come on, bankrupting your own economy and society for profit that is just insane. This way of thinking is simply not fit for purpose at this time. 

Outdated Responses

On top of that the central banks are like 'prices are going up so let's increase interest rates'. So that people on top of not being able to pay for heating won't be able to keep the roof over their heads.

Basically let's make sure that those who were just staying afloat actually sink. Talk about using old tools to address the wrong problem.

Outdated Vision

I guess my favourite are our politicians and country leaders who are like rabbits in the headlights. 'I didn't see this coming so let me go and find some new places to get oil and gas from' or 'maybe we can be friends with Russia again and get their oil and gas back.' Like literally what do you think we are doing here?! This is not some polite garden party.

We have to manage the transition to a completely new sustainable and regenerative era without economic and environmental collapse. That is what we are doing and you have put your hand up to lead us there.

So do that or if you can't take the heat then get out of this kitchen. We don't need to be appeased by platitudes from the establishment. We need extraordinary courage, unbending vision and artful navigation to guide us through these unrelenting times.

So I say enough. It is time to change. 

And you know what... If you don't know how to change, then get coached. There I have said. I have had enough of pretending that this is all we can aspire to. We can evolve our own psyche to meet these times and access a new level of resourcefulness. That is what great coaching is actually here for. It is not just about fluffy be nice to people leadership. It is about being willing to be rocked to your core, facing the storm head on and rising to this one in humanity's lifetime occasion.

So that you become the person who can actually lead us out of this raging storm - rather than being the one who creates, fuels it and then sinks our boats whilst we are in it.

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